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Greater Relaxation With Alpha Wave Binaural Beats

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The benefits of listening to binaural beats downloads is become increasingly popular for both individuals seeking to become more spiritual and those looking for a more effective lifestyle in order to achieve their goals.

Alpha waves are usually associated with greater relaxation, improved creativity, lower levels of stress and meditation. They occur when our brainwaves oscillate at frequencies between 7 and 13Hz, which is slightly lower than our usual brain activity during the ordinary course of our lives. So how can we access the benefits of alpha waves?

Our brain will naturally operate within these frequencies when we awaken from sleep, or when we’re relaxing, for example relaxing on a couch listening to ambient music. When an individual meditates their brainwaves are scientifically proven to lower from beta frequency (higher at around 14 Hz and above).

There have been countless scientific studies to prove the mind and body benefits of regular meditation, for example improved mood, decreased stress and greater creativity. Regular meditation helps you to achieve these benefits after your mind enters the alpha frequencies. So is persistent meditation the only way to benefit?

Brainwave entrainment is a process that involves manipulating audio technologies in order to achieve a desired brainwave state, in this case, accessing the frequencies in the alpha-wave region. This is achieved through an audio technology known as binaural beats.

Listening to a binaural beats mp3 download through stereo headphones is the most effective method of brainwave entrainment. Here, different sound wave frequencies are played into both ears independently, so your right ear will be hearing different sound frequencies to your left ear.

Your brain will then recognize the differences, creating the equivalent of a third wave in the brain. This third wave influences and adjusts your brainwaves into harmony with it’s own frequency. Thereby helping you to access this improved state of mind.

To gain maximum benefit, simply put yourself in a comfortable position and play a Binaural Beats mp3 download while continuing to focus on relaxation and breathing.

Alpha waves were discovered by Hans Berger who was a neurologist. He was brought to the forefront of his scientific field through his invention of electroencephaolography (EEG), which is used to detect brain waves.

Alpha waves were among the first waves documented by Berger. He particularly showed an interest in alpha blockage, which occurs when an individual opens their eyes, Berger discovered that alpha waves decrease and beta waves increase. This distinction earned the alpha wave the alternate title of “Berger’s Wave”.

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