Binaural Beats For Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming With Binaural Beats

image is of soft watch by salvador daliI couldn’t think of a better image to include here when I think about lucid dreaming.

And let’s face it, if you’ve done any dream work at all you know just how out of sync they can sometimes be.

To the point of downright weird. So Dali does a great job at actually giving a visual to some of what I’ve experienced when lucid dreaming.

I don’t think I intentionally thought to do it, adding binaural beats I mean, it just seemed to be a side effect if you will to using the binaurals on a daily basis.

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Make Your Own Binaural Beats Meditation MP3’s

You Can Make Your Own Binaural Beats Meditations Simply At Home


Here’s a great binaural beats example of what you can do with some simple tools and binaural beats technology. Grab your headphones and check this out. A great way to start the day or get yourself up and going when you’re in a bit of a lull and trying to get moving.


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