Binaural Beats

Welcome to the wonderful world of brainwave entrainment using Binaural Beats and Isochronic tones.

This method of brainwave entrainment is truly a wonder of technology and you’re in for a treat if you haven’t used it as yet.

For those of you just getting into this let’s got through the how’s and why’s of it all.

Your mind. It works on electric impulses from the nerves. So, what if we could implant, or trigger these impulses by listening to some simple frequency waves. Frequencies which, have been found to trigger aspects of learning, increasing awareness, intensify feelings, increase learning ability and retention?

Well, you could unlock potential you may not even be aware that you possessed.

Imagine increasing your potential to be a better student, have more significant results from your meditations, increase your mental performance in other aspects of you day to day life.

How would that work for you?

I know for myself personally Binaural beats and more importantly the  Isochronic Tones have made the world of difference in these areas and more. I’m turning into a real big fan of the Isocronics and I’ll tell you more about why in a minute.

Using them regularly every day to study, meditate, reduce your stress levels, think clearer and quicker, better and more lucid dreaming. All of this and potentially more is waiting for you and can take as little as 15 minutes of your time.

Back to the Isocronic tones and why I am becoming a big fan.

Firstly, I can use them without headphones, a big plus. You can have them playing in the background while you do pretty much anything. And if you’re somewhere that you need to have to use headphones, they work just as well.

Unlike the binaural beats that usually have to be played under some form of music or nature sounds, the tones alone need to be heard with their pulsing rhythms for your brain to use them and for you to be able to attain the value.

Now all this said you can find some samples on the resources pages to check out. I also make my own in a number of categories that you’ll be able to find here. In the blog I’ll walk you through some easy ways for you to create your own and you can literally watch over my shoulder as I create both Isochronic tones and Binaural beats to use yourself if you wish.

I also have some recommended sources that are on the resources pages for you to further investigate which will prove helpful to you in your voyage of discovery.

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to follow me as I continue to discover new ways to use these tech marvels