Thank You

Thanks for opting in to me here at Binaural Beats Tips to get your 3 pack of Meditation Audios.

These first three are going to be Isochronic tones. I’ll be sending you some of my Binaural Beats shortly.


My name is Paul McIntosh and I’m the one that builds these audios for you.

I’m putting together new products to put out there all the time and along the way I also pass off some of my test audios to you so that I can get some feedback.

So make sure you add me to your address book so you don’t miss out because I don’t put them on the site or the youtube channel usually.

What do you want, does it sound okay, is there any other sounds you would like in them. That’s the kind of feedback I look for to help improve the audios you get.

And the occasional questionnaire.

Now, that said, here’s the link for you 3 pack. Grab your headphones, get comfy and enjoy.



Paul McIntosh




Delta Isochronic Tone Better Sleep

Wakeful Dreaming State Theta Isochronic Tone

Deep Focus Increase Memory Better Study Isochronic Tone


Right click any of the links to download to wherever you wish and choose save as.