At Home Meditation And Binaural Beats

 Some of Your Best Meditations Can Be At Home

Buddha meditatin pose

For a lot of us meditating at home is by far the most convenient place to do meditation.It also can be an environment that can introduce a whole cornucopia of distractions.  Brainwave entrainment products like binaural beats, isochronic tones and other tips and techniques can help you stay focused. Keeping the number of distractions to a minimum.

Binaural Beats Meditation And Falling Asleep

For some of us, one of the biggest challenges while meditating is trying not to fall asleep. The best time to do meditation is after a few hours of sleep. It is no fun dozing off just as you see a tunnel that you believe is your escape into the astral world.

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Binaural Beats How Do They Work

Binaural Beats Are Simple To Use


While doing some more research on binaural beats the other day I came across this article by George Colle that gives a nice explanation on what they are. Let me know what you think and leave a comment .beta wave signal

When listening to binaural beats, if you are thinking that you will feel or look foolish by listening to nothing for ten to twenty minutes at a time, you can relax. If you were listening to nothing but binaural beats it would sound a something like a motorboat passing you on the surface of the water while you were submerged. Now, that particular sound is probably the most engaging sound to listen to and because of that the producers of the binaural beat tracks have some different ways hiding the sounds. You may not hear the sounds but your brain can and it will react in the manner you wish.

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