Brainwave Control – Helping You Ride The Gamma Waves

Using Binaural Beats And Gamma Waves To Increase Your Compassion


The Dalai LamaWhen hundreds of Tibetan Buddhist monks gathered in their gold and red robes in a Tibetan square, the American TV cameras were hoping to capture a moving political demonstration.

Instead, with placards of “stop the genocide” strewn about on the ground around them, the cameras panned in on the monks deep in meditation. The TV cameras had a harder time tuning in to the atmosphere of peace and serenity.

They were unable to zoom in on the source of the serenity that appeared on the monks’ faces as they chanted, dmigs med snying rje, dmigs med snying rje, which translated means compassion.

Nor could they pick up the positive surge of energy emanating through the square. However, an EEG, another type of camera used to capture images of brainwave activity, has been able to pick up the source of this loving-kindness. Specifically, EEGs show that Tibetan Buddhist monks have high gamma brainwave activity.

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Binaural Beats Alpha Waves

Greater Relaxation With Alpha Wave Binaural Beats

Guest post from Binaural Beats Entertainment

The benefits of listening to binaural beats downloads is become increasingly popular for both individuals seeking to become more spiritual and those looking for a more effective lifestyle in order to achieve their goals.

Alpha waves are usually associated with greater relaxation, improved creativity, lower levels of stress and meditation. They occur when our brainwaves oscillate at frequencies between 7 and 13Hz, which is slightly lower than our usual brain activity during the ordinary course of our lives. So how can we access the benefits of alpha waves?

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