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While doing some more research on binaural beats the other day I came across this article by George Colle that gives a nice explanation on what they are. Let me know what you think and leave a comment .beta wave signal

When listening to binaural beats, if you are thinking that you will feel or look foolish by listening to nothing for ten to twenty minutes at a time, you can relax. If you were listening to nothing but binaural beats it would sound a something like a motorboat passing you on the surface of the water while you were submerged. Now, that particular sound is probably the most engaging sound to listen to and because of that the producers of the binaural beat tracks have some different ways hiding the sounds. You may not hear the sounds but your brain can and it will react in the manner you wish.

When two different, but rather close, sound frequencies are heard, one in each ear, the brain will attempt to find the middle ground between them. For example if you produce a frequency of 90hz in one ear and produce a frequency of say 102hz in the other ear, the brain will hear the middle frequency 96hz. This phenomenon is known as frequency followed response. Your brainwaves will want to follow that frequency and will try to match it. This process is called brainwave entrainment and by using binaural beats it is easily achieved.

Music tracks are combined with the beats and all you hear will be the music but the beats are still there doing their work. What type of music will usually depend upon the desired effect that you want to achieve. For example if you want to listen to binaural beats to help you sleep the music will be more relaxing. If you want to become more focused or be able to concentrate, then the music will be a little more upbeat.

The music tracks will also give you something to focus on so the beats can do their work. After all how long would you listen to the sound of a boat under water, not very long. With that in mind, not all of the beats are set to music. Sometimes the producer will use white noise or sounds of nature such as a waterfall, waves of the sea, or wind in the trees. Once in a while the binaural beats can be heard in the background, although very faintly.

theta waveYou need to hear each frequency separately in each ear, The beats will not work if you simply play them on your stereo and broadcast them into your living room. The best results will be achieved by using a set of stereo headphones or ear buds. Each of the different frequencies of the binaural beats needs to be played in each ear. If you don’t have a set of stereo headphones you can put yourself between to stereo speakers in a quiet room. Make sure that you don’t play the beats soundtrack to loud as you will find it difficult to concentrate.

Get Headphones For Listening To Binaural Beats
You will probably never hear the binaural beats, but you brain will, and you will be amazed at the results. The tones will help you to achieve results that you never thought possible. They can help you to sleep better, build confidence, relieve anxiety, relax, and even improve your health. These are just a few things that can be accomplished with binaural beats, there are just too many more to mention here.

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